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What is Project Development?

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Project Development is at the heart of our way of working. The initial agreement between you and us is titled “Project Development Agreement”. The steps that we go through together under this agreement have all been carefully developed to ensure satisfaction and effective navigation through the complex process of construction projects.

To understand what is meant by Project Development, it helps to know what it is not. The more typical process people are accustomed to is to get “bids” from a number of contractors. This may or may not include having a design completed before the bids are sought.

While we understand the intent of this approach, its results are often not what is intended. The reliability of the bids may be hampered by many factors: incomplete information provided, erroneous assumptions made in the absence of full information, lack of thoroughness of the bid (an inherent risk due to the need of a bidding contractor to quickly process several bids in order to produce from them the few he will win as work), incomplete design, and so on. More often than not, the final cost of the project exceeds the initial bids.

The final cost of any project, no matter the process of arriving at it, is ultimately the result of only two things: the scope of the project itself and the business practices of the contractor performing the work.

As the homeowner, acknowledging this reality helps you understand your options in choosing how you want to undertake your construction project.

The logical outflow of this understanding is that you are best served by being very thorough in defining your project, and by carefully choosing a contractor whose abilities and practices are aligned with your requirements and interests.

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