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Meeting with clients through the past year, I can attest to the fact that remodeling decisions do not come easily in these economic times. Any dollar value decision needs to be weighed against issues of longevity and priority. Homeowners are not seeing immediate returns on home improvements, so a different scale must enter the equation to judge the best choice. Frequently, the work being done is to remodel within the existing footprint of the home, with clever design to get more usefulness from the existing spaces. When the exterior receives attention, the incentive is to achieve energy savings and promote durability of the building envelope. The longer that a material or finish will endure without requirement of maintenance, the more welcome it is for the homeowner providing the care.

I was pleased to read this quote from a wise New Englander this week:

"The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it."
– Henry David Thoreau

BDBR offers professional management for homeowners who desire a consistent experience from the planning, budgeting and design phases through to the construction work the home will receive. Certainly, we enjoy creating beautiful spaces for living. In our planning, we seek efficiency in the design so that we leave room within the budget for the lovely finishes that complete a project. However, some of the care that goes into a project will only ever be captured by documenting the work in progress with a photo study. We have been doing more of this in the past year. We are preparing presentations for future clients to show the value of the building technology we are putting in place behind the exterior finishes to safeguard the beautiful interiors. We seek a balance of these notions with each client to ensure a harmony of beauty with a lasting value of endurance. We want our clients' improvements to hold value for the long run.

Many projects in the past year have been directed toward building performance. With rising energy costs and shrinking dollars, homeowners seek assurance that the money that they decide to invest in their home will continue to work for them for years to come. We have learned a great deal in the past few years about building technology in regard to air and water management. Maintaining still air around the insulating system prevents heat loss from this circulation. Air-sealing is paramount to the performance of an insulation system, and we focus attention to this aspect while we remodel. Separating the siding material from the wall sheathing provides an air space to allow that siding to breathe, thus keeping water from pushing the paint off the siding. Then, implementing all of the best flashing techniques at roofs and window and door openings directs the water away from the vulnerable areas of the building's envelope.

We welcome the opportunity to share the perspective and methodology we bring to home maintenance and investment for master-planning performance. The fully integrated approach we bring to building technology applies the same level of investigation, consideration and application to all of the surfaces that will maintain the performance of the home's air & water management systems. Our crews will provide the same level of care and attention to detail to the entire exterior, as we replace roofing, windows, siding and trim. We offer you the benefit of our experience in caring for New England homes.


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