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Finding Lost Keys: Unlocking the Potential in Your Kitchen

How well is your Kitchen serving the life you live in your home?

How perfectly does your Kitchen represent your style?

Does your Kitchen add to your home's graciousness?

In her book, Not So Big Remodeling, Sarah Susanka dedicates no fewer than six chapters to strategies for solving limitations you may be experiencing with your Kitchen. Is your Kitchen not presently meeting your demands for efficiency and elegance? Have you been holding your cards, waiting to make your play? Achieving Peace of Mind for your Kitchen may bring with it further benefits for total contentment with your home. Daily chores and meal preparation could take on a renewed sense of pleasure if we can help you Make Your Kitchen Work For You.

Pantries can accommodate not only food storage solutions, but they may also enhance design detailing and transition between spaces. Thick Walls are another Key Element from Not So Big Solutions to bring harmony to a home's layout. Integrating pantry storage into these thick walls may seamlessly blend service and style elements within a carefully crafted response to design development. "Never do anything for just one reason" is an architectural tenet worth remembering whenever and wherever possible. There may be some surprises in store if we work together to crack the puzzle of your home's design potential. A few deft flourishes may reveal some delight beyond increased storage solutions.

Architecture is the art of moving through space. While this may seem a lofty goal for grand civic spaces, there is no reason to cut yourself off from discovering that this same joy may be available to you daily ~ under your own roof. Arranging rooms and views while remaining mindful of some perceptive principles will yield inspiring results. Emphasizing connections rather than separations will bring forth a unity for the whole home. An eye toward creating these connections and views will breathe a sense of light and volume even into smaller spaces.

We may discover a previously hidden spirit of place waiting for you to live in! Introducing a design aesthetic - that can encompass a theme and variations that will be noticed while passing through the spaces of your home - engenders a harmony that can be FELT as well as seen. We are a spatially aware people, whether we give ourselves credit for this or not. As your travels allow, take note of spaces both large and small, grand and humble. Which spaces bring you peace? Which spaces cause you to cringe? Can you discern a procession of spaces within the larger structure; or are all of the ceilings of one height? Crafting a few simple modifications into an existing home can impart an impressive distinction and a sense of grace that many modern homes built for utility may be lacking.

Lynne and Lyle can work together to assess and design solutions for areas within your home to achieve this level of harmony. Jim brings to bear the alliances he has carefully tended over the years. Jim's capable crew interweaves the skills of the trusted sub-contractors with their own. Matching these results with proven vendors unites and solidifies the model. Our collective memory will draw from successful strategies with past clients to shed light on the vision of what your home can be.


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